High quality manufacturing

Manufacturing and design are at the core of our company ethos, and we seek to build products that are recognised as much for their innovation as by their quality. Established in 1992, our many years of expertise in the field of laparoscopic surgery position us at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.

Over the last two decades we have designed and manufactured a range of pioneering devices. The YelloPort™ access system led the adoption of Laparoscopic surgery in the UK, and our SmartFlex™ technology is used in both medical devices and also extends to use in industrial application.

All of our brands are manufactured, assembled or built in-house. Our facilities include an extensive machine shop, two clean rooms, injection moulding and warehousing. We are constantly evolving to improve competitiveness, productivity and performance through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills.

Surgical Innovations currently holds 32 patents and has 4 new patents pending.

Our product design team are an important part of our manufacturing output and between them they have over 50 years of service, our Head of Design carries over 17 of those years. They are incredibly experienced in medical device design and have great synchronicity with the key manufacturing departments, including Quality Assurance.

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