Surgical Innovations (SI) is committed to building a sound Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and have been keen to integrate CSR across the business to help improve performance. Our CSR commitments cover the following areas: employees; business ethics; environment; and health and safety

It is important for us to attract and retain the right calibre of people – a vision that we see as the basis for our future success. All employees undertake comprehensive induction training when they start with the business and are regularly updated on changes to the organisation.


Feedback from employees, customer groups, suppliers and others is actively encouraged through various means.  Employee suggestions are encouraged and rewarded on implementation and customer feedback is regularly obtained as part of regulatory compliance but also on an ongoing commercial basis.

Business ethics
We strive to play an integral role in society and our core value is to meet the needs of forward-thinking surgeons and clinicians by supplying high-quality, cost-effective instrumentation that empowers surgeons and provides patients with an improved quality of life.

We have also introduced a Resposable® range of instruments, that combine reusable and disposable components, so surgeons can use high-quality instrumentation while also saving their hospitals hundreds of pounds per procedure. In a market that is dominated by expensive throw-away devices our Resposable® instruments are seen as a “breath of fresh air” by both surgeons and procurement managers across the globe.

Our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) consists of renowned surgeons who work in close collaboration with our design team to advise on existing and potential new product lines, ensuring SI’s innovations meet the needs of surgeons and patients alike.

Maintaining excellent environmental standards is integral to all organisations and we strive to minimise the effect of our operations on the environment wherever possible. We look to review the impact of all of SI’s policies and operations covering emissions and fuel efficiency, noise, waste, energy use and recycling.
We encourage ideas and suggestions from all employees in this regard.

Health and safety
SI has an established Health and Safety Committee that is made up of employees from across the organisation. The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss any health and safety issues that have been raised from all areas of the business and how we can improve health and safety across SI.